Googling social media management companies will bring up a lot of search results. The quality of the service varies widely between these companies, so how do you know which ones are worth their salt? We have put together 10 points that we feel are important considerations when hiring a social media management company:

  1. The best social media management companies will take time to learn about your business and understand it thoroughly before they start work for you. They will ask questions about your goals and target market, how you differentiate your business from your competitors and what you hope to achieve through social media.
  2. They will do some analysis of your current social media marketing and its effectiveness, working out the best platforms for your business, and how what you do on social media links up with everything else you do online.
  3. They will make it clear what they will do for the price they will charge you. This should include how many posts they will make to each social media platform and what type of posts these will be.
  4. They will also tell you what regular information they require from you. This might be, for example, a schedule and details of any events for the next 6 months, office news and announcements, forthcoming promotions, photos from their office or of new products and staff members etc. They will agree with you how this information should be provided, to whom within the organisation and by when.
  5. They will agree with you whether or not they will be interacting with your customers on your behalf. Some businesses prefer to do their own interactions – and, in fact some social media management companies prefer not to interact on behalf of their clients. If interaction is agreed, then ground rules should be established.
  6. They will agree with you a method of reviewing the service to ensure that what they are posting is still relevant to your company and its objectives. This might be a monthly Skype meeting, for example.
  7. They must be able to ‘speak your language’, using the correct terminology and tone, which often means that they have some experience of your type of business.
  8. They will feed back to you anything they discover on your social media channels that you should know, be it praise for your business or a negative comment, for example.
  9. They will have experience in online advertising and allocate some of your budget to this as and where necessary to promote your brand.
  10. They will provide some analysis of results so you can see what type of post is generating the most engagement and how many leads have been gained as a result of social media.

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