5 Ways Legal Companies Use Social Media

With more eyes on social media than traditional marketing, legal companies stand to gain more than most other sectors by developing a comprehensive digital strategy. For forward-thinking law firms the benefits are clear. They use social media for:

Informing and Educating

Legal matters can often appear complex to potential clients and this complexity can be an obstacle to purchase. Social media presents an opportunity for legal companies to break down some of these barriers. By posting content that explains in simple language some of the points people might consider when making a will or deciding whether to pursue a claim, for example, you are meeting your target audience half way and helping them further along the path to purchase.

Developing Thought Leadership

By posting content that is relevant and useful, you will be viewed by your target audience as the go-to expert in your field. Developing thought leadership is a valuable element in itself, as it helps create that all-important customer loyalty. Indeed, there is no reason why someone who has used your firm for conveyancing should not use you for an employment law issue or probate.

Personalising their Brand

Writing and talking about what you know on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, will make your service seem more accessible and its value more tangible to potential clients.  Interacting and posting on social media also helps to reveal the person or people behind the business, making your business seem less impersonal and more approachable – a factor that is particularly important for professional services.

“Professional services firms, more so than other businesses, are innately social organizations. They depend very heavily on social interactions – with clients and among professional colleagues — to carry out their work and develop new business” – McKinsey & Company, global management consulting company

Gaining Testimonials

A large percentage of new business comes to legal firms via word-of-mouth recommendation. Social media is the ultimate word-of-mouth tool where people request and give reviews of businesses they have bought from and worked with. Platforms such as LinkedIn are especially valuable as recommendations from satisfied clients sit on your profile for potential clients to see.

Listening and Monitoring

For the savvy law firm, social media listening (or monitoring) is becoming the most important research tool at their disposal. They use it to:

  • Benchmark your share of voice against that of your competitors
  • Monitor competitor activity
  • Monitor the web to stay informed about cases and key issues affecting clients’ businesses.
  • Stay ahead of public opinion
  • Gather client intelligence

More general benefits of using social media more effectively are equally as important to law firms. They include finding new clients in a cost-effective manner by using highly targeted adverts, for example on Facebook, improving search engine rankings for your website, and recruiting other professionals to your business.

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