There is a big difference between the skills of a traditional print writer and a content writer creating copy for the web. It is no longer enough to be able to write an interesting article. Instead, a good content writer has to have an array of skills to be able to engage an audience and boost online presence.

So what are these skills and how do the best content writers apply them?

A good content writer knows how to:

1. Tailor content to the target audience

No writer crafts an article targeted at ‘everyone’. Knowing the target readership inside and out is essential. Understanding their problems and desires is the foundation of any good content. An article, which is tailored to solving a specific problem or catering to certain needs, is a sure-fire way of capturing the attention of the right people.

2. Research the topic

Readers will see through content that isn’t well researched. If the information is out-of-date or inaccurate, readers will quickly lose interest and the writer will be branded as someone who does not know the subject area. Any writer worth their salt will do the preparation.

3. Write copy well

Copywriting is all about drawing the reader in from the outset, holding attention and inspiring action. To do this the copywriter needs to employ key writing practices, such as breaking down the introduction into short, easily digestible paragraphs, using logical progression of a story or argument, using tone, language and terms of reference that will resonate with the reader, using concise wording and applying all this according to the best web writing practices.

4. Tell a good story

All good content writers know how to tell a captivating story. And a captivating story usually has the following elements:

  • A human element – writing about and for human beings, touching emotions and allowing the reader to identify with a situation on a personal level.
  • An interesting story – solving a problem in a unique way or giving a fresh perspective to keep people reading to the end.
  • Rhythm and flow – keeping the reader engaged with the right pace and using logical connections between ideas.

5. Use humour

A sprinkling of well-timed wit helps the writer connect with the reader on an emotional level, making the reader more receptive to the message of the article. If nothing else, humour spices up a potentially dry subject, making it much more digestible.

6. Optimise it for the search engines

Understanding how to optimise an article for the search engines is key to getting it seen. This involves knowing how to choose the right focus keywords, tagging images correctly, writing meta descriptions and using proper headings and subheadings. And all of this needs to be taken into account without sacrificing style.

7. Get the most from social media

Once written, the article needs to be seen by the widest possible audience within the target market. Content writers who know their way around social media will be far better placed to reach as many people as possible. Furthermore, reader engagement with the article will give an insight into customer opinion, wants, needs and readiness to buy. Content writers who take the time to analyse the stats will use this information to shape any future writing.

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