Any recruitment agency that is not making full use of social media is missing a trick. The smartest recruiters will be embracing all that digital marketing has to offer; from engaging on LinkedIn to paid online advertising, recruiters are putting themselves where there target audience moves and shakes. In fact, a European study shows that almost 100% of job seekers under the age of 25 would prefer communication with prospective employers to take place online.

Our research has found that there has been an increase in the number of employers using social media when recruiting, often to complement more traditional recruitment methods
– Andrea Broughton, Institute for Employment Studies report author

The benefits of social media have long been clear. Among many other advantages, using social networks is low-cost, immediate, allows a fast response and facilitates word-of-mouth – and all of these are particularly relevant for recruitment agencies that need to fill positions quickly with the right person without spending a fortune in the process. And, of course, social media allows you to reach those people who are not job hunting but might be tempted by the right offer.

Couple that with the fact that SMEs using social media grow 25% faster than their competitors, and it’s a no-brainer to want to review just how effective your current digital marketing strategy is. Here are a few points you might want to consider.

Which social networks do you currently use?

The social media networks most commonly used by recruiters are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


89% of recruiters have placed candidates in a job via LinkedIn and a massive 44,000 mobile job applications are posted each day. LinkedIn is also the first port of call for many applicants, who understand its scope for connecting with potential employers. And a polished LinkedIn profile is the perfect showcase for qualifications, knowledge and experience.


Facebook remains the largest social network with 890 million active users per day. 26% of recruiters have placed candidates in jobs via Facebook and this is growing, with recruiters making more use of Facebook Ads to extend their reach and highly target their audience.


Twitter is a growth area for recruiters with 15% of recruiters having placed a candidate via Twitter and 8 million job seekers having found a job through the site. The platform currently has 271 million active users and recruiters are making the most of unique aspects of Twitter, such as Twitter hours, where they can engage with people in specific sectors or geographic locations.

All of the above social media platforms also play a role in screening potential candidates by viewing their profiles.

What Do You Post Online?

Like other businesses in the service sector, recruitment companies can benefit from setting themselves apart from their competitors by becoming the go-to expert in their field. Candidates need good, solid advice on how to get the job of their dreams (tips on interview techniques, CV writing, how to search for a job etc.). Providing this guidance, alongside industry and job market news, will mean your recruitment agency becomes the first port of call for both job seekers and employers alike. Good quality content that is useful and relevant also helps develop customer loyalty and brings traffic to your website, which can boost your site in the search engine rankings.

78% of people believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them” – Convert with Content

Do You Use Paid Advertising?

The use of paid advertising is gathering pace among all industry sectors, as companies are realising its huge potential for their business. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, with online advertising there is no waste. By specifying your target audience by location, interest, age etc., you will only reach those people that meet certain criteria in the job specification. Ad copy can therefore be tailored to that particular audience. As well as being low risk and trackable, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are  one of the fastest ways to get your business to show up in the top results of the three main search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) – an essential in the competitive world of  recruitment.

Social Media isn’t an option for recruitment agencies anymore; it’s a given. It was MEANT for the recruitment agency sector, because the centre-piece of it all is…people! We happen to have a lot to do with people. Miss that, and we may miss out altogether” – Steve Ward of Cloud Nine Recruitment

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