A lot is said about the benefits of email marketing, so you are probably aware that it is highly targeted, gets a fast response and its success can be tracked. But what is the best way to use email marketing for your business? Which of your business goals can it help you achieve? We have put together some email marketing ideas to help you get the most out of this versatile marketing tool – and it’s quite a list, as you will see!

1 – Cross-sells and Upsells

Use email marketing to cross-sell to existing customers a product that is related to their original purchase. Similarly, encourage repeat purchase of the same (or similar) item by sending out an email to customers around the time they will be looking to buy the product again or upgrade.

2 – Customer Reviews

Send your existing customers an email asking them to rate the service they have received from you and give you a review. You can also get customers to complete a survey about their experience.

3 – Event Sign-Ups

Send out invitations to an event you are holding and encourage people to say whether they will be attending by registering via a link.

4 – Appointment Reminders

Remind your clients of a forthcoming appointment with a reminder email. You could even ask them to confirm attendance.

5 – Product and Service Launches

Announce a new product or service to your email subscribers to generate interest, encourage trials and direct people to the launch page on your website.

6 – Customer Care

Ask your customers in an email how they are getting on with their purchase and if there is anything you can do to help them. A response by email allows customers to detail their issues and gives you a bit more time to respond than by phone.

7 – Awareness Building

Email marketing is great at spreading the word about your business, product, service or event. Even if the recipient doesn’t actually open your email, they will still see your company name and your message in your subject line. A subject-line that gets straight to the point is essential.

8 – Competitions

Competitions are a subtle way to impart more information about your product or service, actively engage your audience and/or collect data about your customers.

9 – Fundraising

Not-for-profit organisations use email marketing to raise funds for upcoming projects. You can even embed a payment widget in the email.

10 – Social Media Community Development

By this we mean grow your following on your social media platforms by highlighting your presence on Snapchat, Instagram etc. to your subscribers and asking them to follow you.

11 – Information Sharing

Sharing product information by email means it reaches customers directly and they are able to keep and refer back to the information. Technical information, product recalls and updated policies are just some examples of the type of information you may want to share.

12 – Buy Buttons

Encourage your readers to buy your product or service now by including a button that takes them through to your website. Spur action by giving customers a time limit to respond, e.g. ‘offer ends Friday’.

There are lots of ways to use email marketing and this list has hopefully given you some email marketing ideas that you can use to help grow your business.

If you would like to speak to us about email marketing  or need some email marketing ideas for your business, get in touch here.

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