Google Ad extensions provide more information about your business, add to relative content and increase the likelihood of customers clicking on your ad. The result –  increased click through rate (CTR), more website visits and the added propensity for better ROI.  There are many extensions available, some are automated, others are manually added, here are a  few manual ones that we can recommend:

Call Extensions

Call extensions are useful and encourage customer engagement, especially if  your sales model requires direct communication. The one click button enables calls from mobiles or from software such as Skype on a desktop. They can be added to exisiting ads or you can create call only ads.  Also there is the added benefit that you can set  numbers to only show when you are available.  Google suggest that adding a telephone number to your ad can increase the CTR by 4-5%.

Sitelink  Extensions

Enables you to showcase web pages in order to attract more attention and to provide shortcuts to popular areas of your website. They can be easily updated and you don’t have to make new text ads to include them.

Sitelinks can be mobile optimised and have the added advantage that they can be scheduled to have a start and stop date, ideal for limited offers etc. Not including the Display URL you can have  2-6 links on a desktop and tablet, on mobiles up to 4 links on ads shown on search result pages.

Review Extensions

Include positive third party reviews of your business to encourage greater interest and consumer confidence and increase your CTR. Let your potential customers know that others find you reputable and a good company to do business with.
Google does have a series of guidelines that should be kept in mind in order to ensure the visibility of ads, which are explained here.

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions, not to be confused with call extensions, lets people know about your offers and what makes you stand out from the crowd.  You can provide important/attractive information about your business which is in effect a short summary of what you have to offer. Callouts can be changed at anytime without new ads having to be created, enabling you to keep customers updated with the latest offers. They can be added at account, campaign or ad group level.

You could include for example the following information:

  • Open 24 hours, or special times available
  • Price matching
  • Free offers
  • %offers

If you haven’t used extensions before it can seem a little daunting, especially not knowing which ones would be most suitable to your needs. If you need more help with AdWords in general or choosing the right extensions then please get in touch

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