If you want to stand out in search engine results, then having a good meta description will be one of the major factors in determining the likelihood of increasing your click-through rate (CTR) and therefore encouraging people to view your website. Mastering the art of producing good meta descriptions is a very effective way of attracting attention and increasing website traffic.

What is a Meta Description?

Meta descriptions are short snippets of text (around 155 characters in length) that describe the content of a webpage. These are often included in the page code and are displayed in search engine results when a user searches for a particular term. Meta descriptions provide a brief overview of the content of the page and should be written in a way that encourages click-throughs from potential visitors. When crafting a meta description, it is important to be concise and accurate, whilst including a call-to-action that appeals to users. Writing good meta descriptions can help to increase visibility, click-through rate (CTR) and ultimately the success of a webpage.

Increase Your Click-Through-Rate with Effective Meta Descriptions

How can Meta Descriptions Increase Click- Through Rate?

Meta descriptions are an important part of SEO, as they provide a brief summary of what a page is about and can help to increase its click-through rate (CTR). When you search for something on Google, not only are you shown a list of the most relevant results, but you are also presented with the title of the page and the meta description. The meta description is a great opportunity for businesses to capture the attention of potential customers by giving them a concise preview of the information that’s available. Quite simply, if your meta description is engaging and concise, more people are likely to click through to your website. Therefore, creating an effective meta description is an important activity for all businesses looking to improve their CTRs.

What Influences Someone to Click-Through to Your Website?

When people are searching for something on the web, they often have a good idea of what information or products they are looking for. It is important, therefore, for content creators to include a meta description for every new page they create in order to encourage visitors to click through and read their content.

Meta descriptions are powerful marketing tools and serve as a  ‘teaser’, and offer an insight into the content they relate to. Crucially, a well-crafted meta description will help to get your content noticed.  Utilising meta descriptions effectively will not only draw visitors in, but should also encourage them to take a desired action such as, clicking on a link to read more, or purchasing a product.

– Position in SERPs

Another factor to consider when trying to increase your click-through rate and attract visitors is where your website appears on the search engine results page (SERP). Research has shown that higher positions on the results page lead to higher click-through rates, as users tend to naturally choose the top few results, rather than those further down the page. This effect should not be understated, having a peak position through the implementation of effective SEO can dramatically increase the amount of traffic you receive, as it improves a website’s SERPs position. Having a higher position and an effective meta description, will both aid in increasing site visits. It is therefore vital to optimise your website and content to make sure your website appears near the top of the search results.

– Rich Snippets

Rich snippets have been shown to significantly improve click-through rates for digital content. They provide a brief summary of a page’s content and convey important information such as reviews, ratings, author credibility, price, and other valuable information which can incentivise potential visitors to click through the link. It is important to adequately research and create effective rich snippets to ensure visitors have the right level of information without being overwhelmed. If done correctly, rich snippets can help to increase your click-through rate and promote higher levels of engagement with your content.

Click Through Rate and Quality Content

When someone visits your website you want them to take action and fulfill a measurable goal. What you don’t want is a high bounce rate which is not good for SEO. Normally high bounce rates are due to mis-descriptions and or content that doesn’t reflect the description.  For this reason, it is important to ensure that content is informative, relevant, and engaging to the target audience. Therefore it’s worth investing time and effort in producing good quality content that provides visitors with exactly what they are looking for. 

Ensure that your meta descriptions accurately reflect the page it is linked to and if there is any ambiguity as to what it relates to, or if the description is misleading,  potential visitors are less likely to click through, it may even result in your site being overlooked by search engines like Google, who rate a page on numerous quality factors, with page relevancy being one of them. 

Final Thoughts

Having an effective meta description is essential for any webpage. It helps draw users to the website and increase the click-through rate. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is just as important for meta descriptions as other aspects of web content and should be taken into account. At the same time, it is also important to create well-crafted descriptions that are both eye-catching and accurately summarise the content they link to. Writing meta descriptions effectively can mean the difference between users coming and staying or clicking away.

If you have any further questions or need advice on how to improve your website and increase visibility and reach your goals please contact us.


Be Smart With Your Social Media Marketing

Having a clear well thought out marketing strategy is a must in order to achieve successful marketing campaigns and increased sales.  You need to know what you are working towards and what goals you want to achieve.  Successful businesses have clear, measurable goals and objectives, they know what they want and how to go about achieving it.   An efficient method used by many performance managers is through SMART targets and is particularly effective when applied to social media marketing.

So what is SMART and how can you implement it?

The term/acronym SMART was given by George T Doran in an article produced for Management Review and has extensively been used in business to enable management to define goals and objectives in a structured and effective manner. There are different interpretations as to the exact definition, however they all stress the importance of planning and goal setting.

Cartoon man at laptop using SMART targets

S – Specific  

     M – Measurable

   A – Assignable

R – Relevant

       T – Time related.

Let’s look at each section in more depth


Focus on an area of improvement, be specific don’t generalise.  Decide on what the end result is going to be, and  what you want to achieve?Think about how you will use social media in order to reach your objective. Which platforms will you us to reach your target market? Decide on who is involved and make sure that they are all aware of their roles and individual objectives and how they fit into the overall scheme.

Measurablemeasuring tape illustrating SMART target

Create a system where you can track progress and provide focus as you work towards your final objective/goal. Without setting targets it’s not possible to know whether you are progressing. Analytical tools  are a useful means by which you can track the success of your social media campaigns and can provide a wealth of information on such areas such as, engagement, and provide a variety of statistics on public interaction.  This knowledge will help you fine tune your campaign and understand more about what is successful or not, enabling you to meet your goal more efficiently.


Give yourself something to work and strive towards but don’t have targets that are unobtainable, don’t be too ambitious, be realistic.  Having goals that are unobtainable lead to demoralisation and the feeling of failure .  Its good to be stretched in such a way that there are rewards for all the hard effort. I know being realistic is a difficult term to define,  some people are more confident than others, the road to reaching your goal may be one of new discoveries and opportunities, but primarily the main aspect of having achievable goals is to know your industry well and be well informed.


Take into consideration current markets and is your goal relevant in the current market situation, therefore timing is so important.  Also is it relevant to what your brand promotes and what you have done previously, this will also relate to having the relevant skills and resources to be able to move forward.

Time RelatedClock illustrating time SMART target

Don’t drift, set time related goals and a sense of urgency, so that you are more driven.  Without time limits complacency can set in and other things take preference. Deadlines provide focus and efficiency.


Social Media Branding – Important! If so why?

Apple Image

What is the name of this company and what do they do?

I really didn’t need to ask, we all know the logo and what it stands for, and it isn’t a greengrocer! The image doesn’t even relate to computers or mobile technology in any way, it can be any colour or size it doesn’t matter, because Apple have created a visual image that is immediately recognisable and unique to them. As soon as we see it we know what it stands for.

So why is it important to visually market your company?Creative Roar_Social Media Document11

To be recognised and stand out from the crowd! You may have a good business name but that alone will not make you stand out on a social networking platform such as Twitter.

Your logo will be seen before anyone reads your article or post. Therefore make it noticeable, enabling immediate identification. It ideally should be simple, distinctive and if possible appropriate.

Creative Roar_Social Media Document9A logo is your companies’ signature, so the colours, font and symbols should be unique to your business. 

Create consistency -it’s a visual representation of your company, and as with Apple or Twitter it will become synonymous with your brand. Make sure it is on everything you do from business cards, banners your web site, all promotional material and not forgetting your social media platforms.

In the current fast paced world of social media marketing  branding becomes even more important, think of your twitter feed, most people will rapidly scan the feed and pick up on one or two items. Clearly their eye is going to pick up on designs that stand out. Too often we see companies who have spent a great deal of time and thought on their branding yet throw something together when it comes to social media. Yet in reality the way you show your brand on social media is arguably even more important than any other area of your business.


Remember each social media platform is different and has its own unique design and look, which means that a banner designed for LinkedIn  won’t be the right fit for Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.


Creative Roar_Social Media Document8

Creative Roar_Social Media Document4Creative Roar_Social Media Document6

These images show how our banners are specifically designed for each individual platform, they are also designed to work on different devices, whether it be for example a mobile phone, computer or tablet.

We would love to know what you think about social media branding have you got your social media branded if not why not?

Comment and let us know what you think, or feel free to contact us direct, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Business Productivity and the Cloud

High Speed Broadband is now an integral part of the UK’s push to become a leading knowledge economy, how could your business benefit from the use of high speed broadband and Cloud computing?


So what do we mean by the Cloud?


In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. Examples of this may be Google Drive, Microsoft 365 or Apple I Cloud.


In the UK Broadband Study of 2013 improved productivity was one of the areas outlined as one which could help business. How could cloud computing help make your staff more productive? The UK Broadband study found that nationally a 2% reduction in commuting  would lead to a reduction of some 2.3 billion kilometers per annum this in turn would make essential journeys quicker and more productive.


Do you need to attend every meeting in person? Using webinar and meeting tools could see a 9% reduction in business travel reducing business mileage by 5.3 billion kms per annum.

Above we have provided you with just a few interesting statistics as to the beneficial effects of using Cloud there are many others, so let’s summarize the main benefits:


You can work from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet , which for example can be through your phone, tablet ,computer or Chrome Book and is what we ‘call off premises IT.’   Telecommuting means that your office can be anywhere you want it to be!

Enables real time information and shared access.

You can work with others on a document at the same time.  You can even see what the other person is doing as it happens. There is no longer the need to keep passing information backwards and forwards.

Low cost

There is normally no initial start up cost and the majority are pay as you go.  There is also no need to invest in expensive in-house servers and software, all is provided for by the service provider

Suppliers responsible for the infrastructure

Management such as security and updates are provided for at no extra cost by the suppliers who invest heavily in an experienced and knowledgeable workforce, in order to enable them to be key players in what is a growing competitive market. For example if you are using Google Apps everything is provided by Google and hosted on their powerful and secure servers.

Disaster management and protection of data

If  in the case for example of a fire, flood or theft, data will not be lost and still accessible.  Therefore causing less disruption to business and the peace of mind in knowing that data will be safe.  Cloud also eliminates the need to have to back up files or download to a server.

Let us know how Cloud computing has impacted on your business?

In such a complex area it is always good to know an expert we would suggest Phil Oakley at Outserve  http://www.outserveweb.co.uk/

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Philip Oakley - a specialist in productivity and the cloud

Philip Oakley – Cloud Computing Expert

Or contact us

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