So Why Use Instagram?

A staggering 59% of the worlds top businesses use Instagram in order to promote their brand. So there seems no reason why it should be over looked by SME’s as an effective marketing platform. The visual element of Instagram shouldn’t be ignored, where visual content is known to be an excellent means of gaining attention and engagement. Versatility is the key, plus it’s ability to integrate with other platforms, enabling users to not to only share content with others on Instagram but with other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. So there’s no surprise it has 300 million users worldwide!!

How to Use Instagram as an Effective Marketing Tool

Create a Plan

Instagram works on the premise of the follow and follow back principle. Be mindful that social media should never be a numbers game, have clear goals, know who you want to follow and be followed by. Having a clear social media strategy where personas and target markets are clearly identified and Instagram is fully integrated with other platforms in order to maximize it’s reach and potential. Use specific analytics to see how successful your content is and whether adjustments need to be made.


Hashtags are a brilliant way of promoting your photos and sharing them with those who have similar interests. Always research into the most appropriate and popular hashtags, making sure they are specific to your target audience.

Posting Plan

Keeping your Instagram uploads in the public eye is key to your success.   Schedule batches of content instead of uploading them all at once, so that your followers don’t feel overwhelmed or spammed. Integrate with other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Show the Human Side

Do show photos of your employees, charity events, Christmas decorations in the office, new skills qualifications acquired etc. Bring your business to life, give it a personality, let others see behind the exterior.  This is one sure ways of creating interest.

Engage with Others

Make others feel you care for them, like their posts comment on photos and videos, show an interest in others who are important to you.

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