According to LinkedIn it has 380 million members spread across 200 countries, of those more 18 million are in the UK, with 2 new members signing up every second and as a member you are part of the largest business network in the world.  So here are a few tips to help increase your connectivity and optimize prospecting.


  1. Connect on a regular basis

Connecting and posting regularly will increase visibility. Try to be active at optimum participation times – the following link provides times when sites including LinkedIn are most active.


  1. Join groups

Joining groups enables you to show your knowledge and expertise through group discussions and in turn will increase your networking and sales.


  1. Like, share and comment on others posts.

This will increase visibility plus show others you are interested in them and likewise they will become interested in you. If they have a link to their Twitter profile why not follow.


  1. Endorsements

Let people know that you feel they are good in their chosen field, it’s not all about you!


  1. Recommendations

Provide recommendations,  this will increase your business credibility.  Likewise ask for recommendations from companies who are well connected.


  1. Use the advanced search

One of the least used functions of LinkedIn is the advanced search which is a great way to find and connect with ‘On Profile’ prospects.

Finally remember to enjoy what you do, be genuine and want to help others, this will have a positive effect on growing your business. We’re all familiar with the saying  ‘what we give we get back.’

If you would like further information on how LinkedIn can be used for growing your business contact us.