The success of Google PPC Ads is primarily dependent on the quality of your advertisement. Google will decide on the quality of an ad based on a series of factors that it uses to produce a score ranging from 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

So Why Is A Good Quality Score Important?

Primarily it feeds directly into Ad Rank criteria, which determines where an ad appears on a page. In turn this can lead to the following:

  • Higher Ad position
  • Lower cost per click (CPC)

The Quality Score Is Based On The Following Components:

Relevance – Make sure content is tailored to your specific customers/clients.

  • Have specific targets who are matched  to a well thought out persona.  
  • Don’t take your audience on a false journey.  Identify your chosen target audience, use search terms and words known as keywords and long tail keywords that your audience would use.
  • Promises and calls to action for example should lead to relevant information.
  • Divide campaigns into Google Ad Groups which creates subcategories enabling more specific Ads, instead of one size fits all.

Landing Pages – The experience a user has when arriving at a landing page also affects the overall quality score.  Once again it needs to be relevant, none ambiguous and provide the user with what they expect.  It should be a positive experience.

Here Are Some Ideas On How To  Optimize Your Landing Page For An Ads Campaign:

  • Make sure Ad keywords are used and integrated into content, the headline is especially important.
  • Imagery is important but not too much, which can be confusing.
  • Use imagery that is compressed and high resolution
  • Keep it focused and avoid unnecessary clutter.
  • Check your site speed, users will be detracted and turn away from slow to load sites, this includes mobile optimization. The 3 second rule is good to remember.

Click Through Rate (CTR) – One of the fundamental measures of quality is the CTR. If this is low then the score will reflect this.

Finally once your Pay Per Click Ad is up and running, don’t neglect your own analytics, measure results and find out what is working or not.  Set up Google Analytics to track visitors to your landing page, set goals and monitor for example whether someone has completed an enquiry form, or downloaded a white paper etc. Do A/B testing see how two landing pages compare and make changes in order to improve conversions and quality. 

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