Social Media Branding – Important! If so why?


Apple Image

What is the name of this company and what do they do?

I really didn’t need to ask, we all know the logo and what it stands for, and it isn’t a greengrocer! The image doesn’t even relate to computers or mobile technology in any way, it can be any colour or size it doesn’t matter, because Apple have created a visual image that is immediately recognisable and unique to them. As soon as we see it we know what it stands for.

So why is it important to visually market your company?Creative Roar_Social Media Document11

To be recognised and stand out from the crowd! You may have a good business name but that alone will not make you stand out on a social networking platform such as Twitter.

Your logo will be seen before anyone reads your article or post. Therefore make it noticeable, enabling immediate identification. It ideally should be simple, distinctive and if possible appropriate.

Creative Roar_Social Media Document9A logo is your companies’ signature, so the colours, font and symbols should be unique to your business. 

Create consistency -it’s a visual representation of your company, and as with Apple or Twitter it will become synonymous with your brand. Make sure it is on everything you do from business cards, banners your web site, all promotional material and not forgetting your social media platforms.



In the current fast paced world of social media marketing  branding becomes even more important, think of your twitter feed, most people will rapidly scan the feed and pick up on one or two items. Clearly their eye is going to pick up on designs that stand out. Too often we see companies who have spent a great deal of time and thought on their branding yet throw something together when it comes to social media. Yet in reality the way you show your brand on social media is arguably even more important than any other area of your business.


Remember each social media platform is different and has its own unique design and look, which means that a banner designed for LinkedIn  won’t be the right fit for Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.



Creative Roar_Social Media Document8








Creative Roar_Social Media Document4Creative Roar_Social Media Document6







These images show how our banners are specifically designed for each individual platform, they are also designed to work on different devices, whether it be for example a mobile phone, computer or tablet.

We would love to know what you think about social media branding have you got your social media branded if not why not?


Comment and let us know what you think, or feel free to contact us direct, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.




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